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6 - Introduction to Yoga Nidra Meditation Practices step by step

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Watch this Video to discover Mediation Music Youtube , this is best information on Mediation available online today:

- Are you easily tired, exhausted or emotionally shaken by the world around you?
- Do you find it difficult to relax and calm your mind?
- Do you want to become the master of your mind?
- In this course, we cut through common new age teachings to deliver a simple and direct method for establishing an ongoing meditation practice....

- What is meditation
- Reduced anxiety and stress
- Better quality sleep
- Enhanced creativity and intuition
- Enhanced feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation
- Reduced depression

1 - Meditation Definition
2 - What is Meditation
3 - Meditation for beginners
4 - The 4 Most Common Techniques of Meditation You Will Come Across
5 - Meditation benefits
6 - Introduction to Yoga Nidra - Meditation Practices
7 - Yoga Nidra Meditation Audio - Meditation Practices
8 - Introduction to Concentration - Meditation Practices
9 - Concentration Meditation Audio - Meditation Practices
10 - Introduction to Observation Meditation - Meditation Practices
11 - Observation Meditation Audio - Meditation Practices
12 - The Most Important Step to Make - Meditation Practices
13 - Final Words - Meditation Practices

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