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Massage tantrique Genève

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massage tantrique

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This video here is literally to be and expression of art with some pictures that I like under the "Fair Use" copyright law to protect from some people who like to be trolls. It is here to express and show the different art forms I like to express with one another and is nothing short of pure beautiful amazing art.

The "Age-Restriction" list will be on because I only expect pure mature audiences to be able to view this, and I also expect parents who do not want there children to be viewing either to be able to monitor there children like the good parents that I know they are or to have some child safe search on by way of literally not letting the child use a YouTube account that has and age record of 18 or older which is the only way you could be able to see this because you cannot watch and age restricted video without an account in the first place without YouTube NOT doing their job, but we are all sure they are doing their job as the fantastic and spectacular community they are, right?

Also I know this is allowed because YouTube will allow a video like this since they allow other sexually explicit and crude videos to placed on YouTube such as "Gonzosm" (still looking up the channel name as we speak, been a while since I've been there) Dragon ball Pee Pee series and other fan animation some of which depict rape such as some of "Toby Games" content and other things vulgar content such as excrement in their clothing and much more, let alone the actual language and profanity and controversial content on YouTube that cause community strife and problems in today's society right?
So surely one video with a few good images and good music in the background wouldn't be bad for relaxation and enjoyment of the viewers and sub-base right?

It is art no matter how you want to look at it. Someone made it and wanted it to be posted for the world to see, expecting good viewer criticism and mature opinions.

P.S. Love, Pie equals Cake.

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